Proprietary AMZ SOV Technology


A large apparel brand approached DA with the challenge of having limited competitive intelligence and no way of monitoring who was occupying Amazon real estate for important keywords and products. They noticed that when people were searching their Brand on Amazon, their products showed up less than half of the time, which was allowing competitors to take advantage of their strong brand name to showcase their own products.

These challenges were posed to DA:

It possible to own branded searches on AMZ and disallow competitors from showing up for our branded terms and what does it cost?

How do we track our share of voice and AMZ presence?



After examining the Amazon market space, our Business Intelligence team pioneered proprietary technology that uses AI to continuously monitor searches on Amazon and collects data on which Brand shows up for which searches, where, how often, and for paid and organic results.


This became the industry’s first Amazon share of voice technology and gave our clients the means to fully monitor the Amazon landscape, their competitors and their own Amazon presence. It also allowed them (us) to precisely hone in on high revenue keywords and products and the ability to win those searches in the marketplace.


In chasing maximum SOV, we also discovered many glitches within the AMS system that would not allow keywords to show for one reason or another and engineered solutions that would allow our keywords to show at all times.


Most importantly, this near real-time feedback allowed us to gain insight on how to bid more precisely and where the cutoff points were, which allowed us to efficiently adjust our bidding and optimize performance. We found that for some keywords we were bidding too low while for most keywords we were bidding too high. We also came to the realization that the recommended Amazon bids weren’t optimal and when followed, the performance wasn’t the most efficient.


After continuous monitoring of keywords and optimization through our proprietary technology, our campaigns gained great efficiencies. Month over month CPC’s decreased by 41% and the additional budget gained by having lower CPC’s allowed us to capture much more traffic and sales. Clicks to our products increased by 60% which then increased sales by 99% and the lower CPCs improved ACoS by 109%! Our client was able to achieve over 90% SOV and gained complete control over their brand space on Amazon, which resulted in minimal competition during important periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Percent Increase in Clicks to Our Products
Percent Increase in Sales
Percent Improvement in ACoS
Percent SOV Achieved