Linksys, a leading global manufacturer of home and small business networking products, began to face new challenges on Amazon. These included:

Huge increases in competition

Under invested against competitors

Pricing is higher than competitors


Focused on sell-through and optimized to ordered revenue vs just attributed revenue

Prioritized lower-priced routers in advertising, high volume products. Played Linksys to their strengths in the number of routers they have and the ability to target every price point

Implemented Direct Agents Proprietary SOV Technology Beta which allowed maximization of Brand SOV at minimum CPC’s and to then repurpose cost savings on non-brand terms and lower-priced routers to grow overall sell-through

Additionally employed offensive conquesting to grow sell-through, specifically on competitor product detail pages


Due to optimizations and use of Direct Agent’s Proprietary SOV technology to lower CPCs which provided an additional budget to repurpose:

Percent Rise in AMS clicks, due to CPC decreasing 45%
Percent Increase in Shipped Revenue, during the most challenging time of the year
Percent Rise in AMS revenue, with additional budget from lower CPCs